About Friends of BCAS

Who are we?
Friends of the Burlington County Animal Shelter was founded in 2010 as a volunteer group devoted to supporting the animals of the Burlington County Animal Shelter. Though we are close partners, Friends of BCAS is a separate organization from the shelter itself.

What do we do?
Our two main goals are:
1) Helping to ensure the animals have a happy and healthy shelter life. We interact with the animals by walking the dogs and playing with the cats, which helps release stress and pent-up energy and promotes the overall health and adoptability of the animals.

2) Doing our best to get adoptable animals moved from the shelter into forever homes, foster homes, and no-kill animal rescues. We promote the animals in any way we can think of, including helping post the animals to adoption websites, and acting as a go-between for the shelter with foster homes and no-kill rescues.

Where are we?
We have no building for ourselves, but the shelter generously allows us the use of their facility.

How do I join?
We are always looking for new volunteers! Check here to find out what you can do and how to join!